Prof TA Mbatha Ngubane

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Prof TA Mbatha Ngubane obtained a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education in 2003 from the University of Cape Town. She currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education in the Faculty of Education. She conducts research in Early Literacy, English as a First Additional Language  and IsiZulu mother tongue in the early years. She has published articles and book chapters on literacy and language lteaching and earnring in the early years in accredited journals. She also supervises masters and doctoral research projects in Early Childhood Education.


BA + CDE (Botswana & Swaziland), B Ed, PhD (University of Cape Town).

Research interests: 

I conduct research Applied Language Studies, Language and Literature Education, Early Childhood Education, IsiZulu and English First Additional Language Literacy Education, Language and Gender in Education. I supervise post-graduate students in Education in areas of Teaching Reading and Writing, Discipline in Foundation Phase Classrooms and Barriers in Education in Foundation Phase Classrooms.

Professional membership:

South African Research Association for Early Childhood Education (SARAECE).

Research Databases / Publications 

Mbatha T. (2018). A glimpse into Foundation Phase teachers’ practices of early literacy development in isiZulu. A chapter in Nomlomo, V. Desai and September, J. From Words to Ideas: The role of literacy in enhancing young children’s development. Published by the University of the Western Cape Town and British Council South Africa.

Mbatha T. (2016). Ideologies shaping language choices: Views of African Languages students on IsiZulu module in higher education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Published in the Nordic Journal of African Studies 25(2): 147-167.

Mbatha T. (2014). A qualitative study of the practice and experiences of foundation phase teachers qualified in a dual medium programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Per Linguam. Vol 30(2).

 Mbatha T. (2014). Teaching Literacy in Linguistically Diverse Foundation Phase Classrooms in the Mother Tongue: Implications for Teacher Education. Alternation Special Edition No 13 (2014)

Mbatha and J.M. Thamaga-Chitja, and (2012): Enablers and barriers to multilingualism in South African university classrooms, Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, 30 (3): 339-346. (My contribution = 50%)

Mbatha, T. (2012).  IsiZulu Teachers’ Perceptions of the Literacy Foundations for Learning Programme in four Township Primary Schools.  Per Linguam, 28 (1): 59-72.

Mbatha T. (2011). In and out of polygyny: A case of black South African women’s experiences of marriage. Agenda, 25(1): 29-37.

Mbatha T. (2011). Addressing girls’ challenges of water and sanitation in a rural schooling context in Swaziland. Agenda, 25 (2): 35-42.

Mbatha, T. (2010). “Putting the end point at the beginning: Teachers’ understandings of using a dual medium approach for teaching literacy in the Foundation Phase classrooms.” Alternation, 17 (1): 49-71.

Muthukrishna, N., F. Tshauka; H. Ebrahim; T. Mbatha and V. Ntoi (2008) “Doing Childhoods in the context of HIV and AIDS: Young Children in Early Schooling Speak.” Journal of Psychology in Africa, 18 (3): 385-392. (My contribution = 20%)

Mbatha, T. (2004) “A beginning teacher’s story of learning English in a South African classroom context.” In English Quarterly, 36 (2), 9-11.

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