Mr Aviwe Sondlo

+27 35 902 6453

Mr Aviwe Sondlo is Physical Sciences lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, University of Zululand. He is a PhD candidate and his dissertation title: The Pedagogical Orientations of Pre-Service Sciences Teachers towards Instructional Approaches. He presented his work both at the international and national conferences. Mr Sondlo received a scholarship to be a visiting research scholar at the University of Florida, USA (15 August to 15 November 2019).


Ed., BSc & MSc (University of Witwatersrand).

PhD (in progress) (University of Johannesburg).

Research interests: 

Pre-service teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PKC).

Pre-service teachers’ Pedagogical Orientations

Inquiry-Based Learning in the 21st century science classroom

Professional membership:


Research Databases / Publications 

Journal Article

Sondlo, A., & Ramnarain, U. (2020). The South African Pre-Service Teacher’s Physics Pedagogical Orientations. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1512/1/012031

Conference accredited proceedings

Sondlo, A., & Ramnarain, U. (2019). Exploring the South African Physical Sciences Pre-Service Teachers Pedagogical Orientations. International Conference on Education and New Developments (END 2019). Porto, Portugal, 22 – 24 June 2019.

Sondlo, A., & Ramnarain, U. (2018). A Case Study of the Pedagogical Orientations of Pre-Service Physical Sciences Teachers in One of the South African Universities. The 9th ISTE International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education at the Kruger National Park, South Africa on 21-26 October 2018.,%20institutes%20&%20research%20chairs/institutes/stri/iste/images/ISTE%202018%20Proceedings%2018-11-15.pdf

Sondlo, A. (2018). An Analysis of the Coverage of Science News and the Use of Newspapers in the Science Classroom. XVIII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Future educational challenges from science and technology perspectives. 13-17 August 2018. Malmö, Sweden.

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