Professor Sithabile Ntombela

Faculty Dean
+27 35 902 6348

Sithabile Ntombela is a Professor and Dean in the Faculty of Education at the University of Zululand. She has varied work experience spanning basic and higher education. She worked as a Guidance teacher and later, a special school principal before joining the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). During her stay at UKZN she occupied several positions including academic leader (Deputy Dean) Teaching & Learning.  In 2016 she joined UNISA as Associate Professor in the Department of Inclusive Education where she also served as Head of Department before being promoted to Director in the School of Educational Studies.

Professor Ntombela’s research passion is in issues of diversity and sites of exclusion. Over the years, it has gravitated towards Children’s Geographies, particularly disability in education. She uses the philosophy of inclusion, capability approach and the systems theory to flag exclusionary practices. Her research raises awareness about barriers to learning and participation and their influence on the academic and social development of young people


PhD (UKZN), M. Ed (University of Manchester), B. Ed, Diploma in Special Education (University of Natal), University Education Diploma (UNIZULU), BA (UNIZULU)

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Book chapters

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Journal Articles

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 Conference Proceedings

Ntombela S (2018) Towards the reduction of blockages limiting the participation of students with disabilities in South African higher education. Published by the Conference of the International Journal of Arts & Sciences, CD-Rom. ISSN: 1943-6114 : : 11(01):167-174 (2018)

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Other Research Reports

Moletsane R, Sader S, & Ntombela S (2011) Does the current South African school curriculum strengthen or undermine nation building? Unpublished report to the Provincial Department of Education, KwaZulu-Natal

Moletsane R, Reddy V, Ntombela S, Dayal H, Wiebesiek L Munthree C, Kongolo M, & Masilela T (2010) Gender and Poverty Reduction: Voice, Dialogue and Targeting. PACE, Human Sciences Research Council

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 Muthukrishna, A., Schoeman, M., Ntombela, T., & Jairaj, S. (2000) Developing sustainable Inclusive Education Policy & Practice in South Africa. Unpublished report to UNESCO. Faculty of Education, University of Natal, Durban.


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