Life orientation teachers are community builders

Being considerate of the challenges teachers face as well as teacher capacities, roles and responsibilities, the University of Zululand (UNIZULU) recently held its informative 3rd Annual Life Orientation Educators Seminar with the view of developing and supporting an effective teaching force in the country.

The invitation was extended to schools from in and around the Amajuba District Municipality.

The programme included presentations by UNIZULU experts in various academic fields. The presenters included Prof Antonia Nzama of the Faculty of Arts, Prof Unathi Kolanisi from the Faculty of Science and Agriculture as well as Prof Maria Mabusela from the Faculty of Education, among others.

In her keynote address, Nokuthula Ndaba, from UNIZULU’s Student Teaching Practum, indicated that career planning is even more imperative as the market place is demanding more refined skills that are associated with the fourth industrial revolution. “Career planning is even more commanding, as the market is changing and we need to bridge the gap between institutions and high schools to be able to merge the economic and educational needs of the country, and refine skills that are associated with the fourth industrial revolution,” she said.

She added that teaching is a noble profession that needs a noble character to be able to fulfil the obligation of maintaining good morals and working ethics in the education space. “A noble character needs the following as an educator: it needs you to be honest, truthful, righteousness and upright. You can’t be a Life Orientation teacher that is found wanting when it comes to morals, you need to be virtues, ethical and honourable,” Ndaba urged.

Amajuba Education District Representative, Reggie Khuzwayo said: “UNIZULU is heading in the right direction in engaging Life Orientation teachers from the district as it has been maintaining number one district in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in terms of pass rate. I am grateful for the relationship between the Department of Education and UNIZULU.”

Overall, the seminar was a huge success with teachers leaving the event more informed about opportunities that are available at UNIZULU for their leaners. This information will help them offer comprehensive to leaners and their parents about alternative career paths and opportunities.

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